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Principal Effectiveness

Click here for resources found on the PDE website regarding Principal Effectiveness.

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Electronic Rating Tool for Principal Effectiveness (Excel 82-2)

Observation and Practice = 50%

Principal Effectiveness Framework for Leadership
Possible Evidence for the Framework for Leadership
One-Pager for the Framework for Leadership

The following links will take you to example statements and guiding questions that were developed for supervisors of special ed., pupil services, curriculum, etc. Supervisors are observed utilizing the Framework for Leadership, but rated on the 82-3 Non-Teaching Professionals form:

Building Level Data = 15%

School Performance Profile (SPP)SPP Link

Correlation Data 15%=

Guidance for Completing the Correlation Section
Rubric for Scoring Correlation Section

Template to Summarize Teacher Eval Data
Connectedness Charts

Elective Data (SLO) 20%=

Guidance for Completing the Elective Data Section
PE SLO Template with Guiding Questions
PE SLO Template