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Welcome and Introductions (Mrs. Jenny Lent)

Open Discussion: 8:30-9:00
This will be a time for you to share as a group as well as a time to ask your peers your most burning curriculum and instruction questions! This part of the agenda is driven by you! If you would like to email your topics for discussion ahead of time, send them to jenny.lent@iu1.org

Curriculum/PDE/Updates: (9:00-9:30)

  • March Forth for English Language Arts Initiative

  • Other PDE Updates

Center for Professional Development Updates: (9:30-10:00)

  • Emergency Substitute Certificate Training

  • C4PD Newsletter

Break: (10:00-10:15)

After the break, the group will be split into two groups so that half of the group can design and create in the Fab Lab while the other half will look at other Fab projects that do not necessarily need the Fab Lab.

Half the group in the Fab Lab and Half in the Meeting Room: (10:15-11:15)

Switch Groups Between the Two Rooms: (11:15-12:15)

Wrap-Up: (12:15-12:30)

TAC Staff: Chris Bokulich, Theresa Edenfield, Melissa Hunter, Renae Kotchman, Marissa Scarvel-Sacco, Molly Gibson, Wendy Tiano and Peggy Vogt.

Other Guests:

Training Reminders:

Minutes and Materials from Previous Meeting:


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