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Intermediate Unit 1: Curriculum Coordinators Council
December 16, 2009 Agenda

Welcome and Introductions

Meeting Notes

Jarol DeVoge:

Jim Dowler:

  • eStrategic Planning Webinars archived at https://vclass.cciu.org
  • Technical Training register to attend at caiu.org. Our closest virtual site is IU 7, Westmoreland. PDE is trying to record the VC. It will then be posted on new PDE website: www.education.state.pa.us. Go to site then Programs/D-G/Select Estrategic Planning/Resource Button
  • Gen 6 School Improvement Plans due to PDE December 23, 2009

Stevie Kline:

  • 21st Century Teaching and Learning Coach update
  • Science (February 4th) and Social Studies (March 18th) Content Collaboration Days
  • PolyVision Users Group (Datesaver in handouts below)
  • KITS update
  • SAS Example
  • Link to Oregon Educatonal Reform Information http://jcomm.uoregon.edu/~russial/cyberj/schools/

Amy Lewis & Nancy Tsupros:

  • Spring 2010 STEM Course Schedule.pdf
    • Math Series
      • Grades K - 3 -- Making Sense of Math: Early Number Concepts (January 27 & February 9)
      • Grades 4 - 6 -- Making Sense of Math: Thinking Rationally (February 3 & March 3)
      • Grades 6 - 10 -- Cultivating Algebraic Thought (February 2 & March 2)
    • Project Based Learning
      • PBL 101: An Introduction (February 27 - March 28)
  • Robot Diaries: http://createlab.ri.cmu.edu/robotdiaries/
  • Science Matters is planning for next year. Please contact Nancy if you're a new school.

Mara Linaberger:

  • Arts Educator.2.0 - updates
  • Arts Education Collaborative - new curriculum music and visual curriculum frameworks documents. Helping to do PD for 3 districts on February 12th. Will offer additional opportunities for districts to participate in training in the future.
  • Benedum proposal with Attack Theatre awarded!
    • January - April, planning. Call for participation in spring. Project will run during the 2010-2011 school year, and will include: 5 districts, for teachers of 3rd grade. 1 credit CPE course to include: 3-4 workshop days at IU1 for the teacher(s), 3 day residency at the school, whole school performance, sub costs. Focus will be on teachers identifying critical reading and/or math skills not being mastered by students (to focus the lessons to be taught through dance)
  • Mattress Factory proposal to Benedum (in the works)
    • Installation art project. Will follow a similar format to the Attack Theatre project (similar timeline, workshop format, and course credits). May include more than 5 schools. Will bring an installation art "kit" to the school and install it. Focus will be on teachers identifying critical reading and/or math skills not being mastered by students (to focus the lessons to be taught through installation art)
  • Globalloria grant to Benedum - is there still an interest in this project?
  • CMU's Entertainment Technology Center - second semester of the project completed
    • "Kulana" - a website/community for identifying appropriate games and simulations for use with students in the classroom.

Su Verma:

  • Changes in Induction Consortium Classes

Other Guest:

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Training Reminders:

Next Meeting: January 19, 2010