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CPE Course Instructors
This page is for Instructors of CPE Courses for the IU 1

IU 1 contacts: Amy Lewis: lewisa@iu1.k12.pa.us for approval of new courses - Su Verma - vermas@iu1.k12.pa.us - Mara Linaberger - linabergerm@iu1.k12.pa.us for information about designing online courses

IU 1 contact for sending faculty data: Marla Harris harrism@iu1.k12.pa.us

IU 1 contact for course intents for dates: Marla Harris - harrism@iu1.k12.pa.us

IU 1 contact for records for online courses: Charlotte Diehl - diehlc@iu1.k12.pa.us

IU 1 contact for contract for courses, attendance, and Act 48 upload: Lillian Mickens - mickensl@iu1.k12.pa.us

Pam Hupp, (phupp@washjeff.edu) Su Verma, and Mara Linaberger will provide group support for developing online courses.

Pam Hupp, Su Verma, and Mara Linaberger will individually work with instructors if assigned by Jarol DeVoge

For each course you would like to run, submit a new "Course Intent" to Marla Harris each time you want to run the course

If this is a new course, you must include a new proposal for submission to PDE with your intent form.
New Course Proposal - PDE Revision Spring 2010. Prior formats will not be accepted.

Use this document to help determine the Course Subject Area and Category on the proposal.
Information for those two fields must come from this document.

Use this reference document for assistance developing the learning objectives,

Submit a Faculty Data Sheet with each new course proposal.

Sample Courses:

(intent to build the course)

(the actual CPE course proposal)

(the course syllabus)

To view an online version of the Differentiated Instruction- Strategies for the Classroom course...

Username = iu99.[first initial][last name] ex. Pam Hupp = iu99.phupp
Password = welcome (note: If you already changed your password in a previous class, you need to use your personal
password. If you forgot the new password, contact your course instructor or Pam Hupp (phupp@washjeff.edu) to reset it.)
  • If you are a teacher outside the IU1 service area, you will have the following username & password:
Username = iu66.[first initial][last name] ex. Pam Hupp = iu66.phupp
Password = welcome
  • Use the COURSES Tab at the top of the page to locate your online class

Training schedule: Courses for online instructors and course developers

Online Instructor Workshop: Please check www.solutionwhere.com/iu1 for current courses offered

  • required for both online instructors and course developers, must be taken first. Prerequisite for other courses

Developing Online Courses in Blackboard (1 credit course), 1 day face-to-face, 1 day online: date to be announced

  • advanced tools and techniques for writing online content, for online course developers, a blended class

Teaching and Learning through Online Classes (1 credit course): date to be announced

  • strategies for an effective online instructor, completely online class

Steps for closing an Online Class: