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Welcome and Introductions


Mr. Donald Martin:

Dr. James Dowler:

Jenny Lent:

Audrey Mowry:

JoBeth McKee:

Breanne Scears: IU1 Instructional Support Specialist and Technology Integrator

Amy Lewis and Nancy Stahlschmidt:

TAC Staff: Chris Bokulich, Marissa Scarvel-Sacco, Melissa Hunter, Renae Kotchman, Theresa Edenfield, Tiffany Schroyer and Wendy Tiano

Other Guests:

Michael Giazonni - College in the High School, University of Pittsburgh

Steve Nesser - Account Executive, HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Mike Meteney - HMH Content Specialist

An additional CCC meeting has been scheduled on June 10, 2015

Minutes and Materials from Previous Meeting: