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Welcome and Introductions


Mr. Donald Martin:

STEAM Grants
Educator Effectiveness Update
SLO Update
Phillipsburg Project Update
Update from the Secretary of Education
iPAD Integration Update
2014 PDE Data Summit

Model Schools Conference
Differentiated Supervision
Cancellation of August CCC Meeting

Dr. James Dowler:

Stevie Kline:

JoBeth McKee:

Audrey Mowry:

Amy Lewis and Nancy Tsupros:

Jenny Lent:


Sarah D'Urzo


TAC Staff:

Chris Bokulich, Theresa Edenfield, Melissa Hunter, Renae Kotchman, Marissa Sacco, Kristen Salamone, Tiffany Schroyer

and Wendy Tiano

Other Guests:

Training Reminders:

Principal Effectiveness June 19, July 29 and August 19, 2014
SLO Training for Administrators May 15, June 10, July 2 and August 6, 2014

Minutes and Materials from Previous Meeting: